China Weapon industrial vehicles and parts marketing association was founded in November 15, 2005, is an organization approved by the civil affairs departments, the address is located in Baotou city. The association is engaged in vehicle and spare parts and related industries marketing group, in accordance with the law in equality, voluntary basis industry association; have the legal person status of a social group; accept the China North Industries Group Corporation production management department and the Ministry of civil affairs and other relevant departments of the business guidance and supervision and management, legal protection by the state, bear civil liability...
Member of China Weapon industrial vehicles and Parts Marketing Association (not ranked)
      1, Chongqing TieMa Industry Group Co.,Ltd.
      2, North Lingyun Industrial Group Co.,Ltd.
      3, Inner Mongolia North Heavy Industries Group Co.,Ltd.
      4, Huaihai Industrial Group Co., Ltd.
      5, Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group Co., Ltd.
      6, Hebei Huabei Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.
      8, North Huaan Machine Corproation Co., Ltd.
      9, Beijing Beifang Neoplan bus Limited by Share Ltd.
      10, Beiben Trucks Group Co., Ltd.
      11, North venture Limited by Share Ltd.
      12, Inner Mongolia North heavy auto Limited by Share Ltd.
      13, Jiangnan Industries Group Co., Ltd.
      14, Jilin Jiangbei Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
      15, Harbin Jiancheng North Special Auto Co.,LTD.
      16, Shenyang Industrial Group Co., Ltd.
      17, JINXI Industries Group Co., Ltd.
      18, YUXI Industries Group Co., Ltd.
      19, Henan North Xingguang Machinery&Electric Co., Ltd.
      20, Northeast Industrial Group Co., Ltd.
      21, Shaanxi North Dynamic Co., Ltd.
      22, Northwest Industrial Group Co., Ltd.
      23, Xi'an Huian Chemical Industry Co. Ltd.
      24, North General Power Group Co. Ltd.
      25, China North Vehicle Research Institute
      26, Shandong Special Industrial group Co., Ltd.
      27, North Beijing Huayu Technology Development Co., Ltd.
      28, Xi'an north Qinghua (Group) Co., Ltd.
      29, Beijing North Venicle Group Corporation